Getting Started:

You might have an idea of the house you’d like to buy or the area in which you want to live. You likely have a rough idea of your budget. You may need to sell your current house to achieve your goal, but may be at a loss as to how that will actually work. Let’s discuss your needs and goals! Rest assured, I will represent your interests and negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal possible. See my testimonials page for convincing words from many happy clients.

Clarifying the project now with real numbers is key to success. If you intend to finance the purchase you’ll want to talk to mortgage lenders. Together we’ll sketch a plan which will allow you to have fun shopping for the perfect property. With your ducks all in a row, this will be fun!


Are you moving to Eugene from a larger city? Please keep this in mind… Eugene is NOT that big! Our population is around 175,000. My point is, if you are from a larger area, understand that our inventory will not be as deep as what you may be used to. The choices will be fewer. You may need to be a tad more flexible in your search.


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