Real Estate ROCKS!

I am a firm believer in the power of investing in real estate. I believe in diversified investments, and a portfolio without real estate is missing the mark! Property is tangible. It is land and housing, which we all need—it will always be worth SOMETHING. Even if we came into the hardest of times it would still be tradable and could provide shelter. There are several other reasons why real estate ROCKS!

1. The Ability to Leverage Money (OPM–Other People’s Money!)
2. The Inherent Tax Advantages
3. Rental Income
4. Appreciation Over Time

Want to know more? Call me anytime! I love talking about investing in real estate.  541-520-2246

Investor Talk: 'Cap Rate Formula / What's Your Property Worth?'

Mystified by the cap rate conversation? Totally understandable. I love-love this guy’s explainations:


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