Winning the Multiple Offer Situation

Buyers… Right now if the house you’re excited about is new to market and very appealing, be prepared to be in a multiple-offer situation. Bummer, but supply is not meeting demand. Here are a few tips to consider: 1. Disregard asking price and embrace what you would feel good about paying. 2. Look at properties under your top dollar so

Staging Properties for Sale. More Important than Ever!

Staging a house is incredibly helpful for a speedy sale, fetching top dollar. Staging might mean working with seller’s own furnishings, or it might mean renting furnishings for a vacant house. In any case, well-staged homes often net 5% or more and sell more quickly than their competition. The photos online are more appealing, for sure! Note that not every

Ten Reasons to Buy a Brand New Home

1. Design the home of your dreams When you elect to buy a home that hasn’t been built yet, you get to enjoy the process of designing your dream home. This includes being able to pick the floor plan that’s exactly right for you. Want all the bedrooms upstairs? Or a master suite downstairs? Done. There’s no need to make

Real Estate Market Hangs On in 2020

Lane County home sales data for April is out, and the numbers are very interesting. Not surprisingly, new listings are down 29% from last year, and down 26% from this March. Pending sales were down 24% from April 2019. Given the pandemic however, I was expecting much worse. Forces of supply and demand are in play and much to my

The “Love Letter” Dilemma

In such a competitive selling market, buyers often wish to submit a letter to the seller to share a bit about themselves in hopes of strengthening their offer’s appeal. It is true, we hear stories about how a seller accepted an offer for less money because they wanted their property to go to a certain type of buyer. SELLERS BEWARE!


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