Join Susan in Raising $500 for Oregon Food Bank this March 2021!

I am helping communities #EmergeStronger by fundraising for Oregon Food Bank whose dedicated to ensuring everyone has access to safe, nutritious food in the wake of COVID-19.

More than 860,000 people rely on Oregon Food Bank’s network each year — and in times of crisis, that number grows as many of the support mechanisms they usually rely on are put on hold. Schools and community centers close, creating a gap in meals for countless families. Seniors, people with chronic conditions, and those with compromised immune systems face higher risks in public spaces, forcing many to remain at home.

The Oregon Food Bank Network is ready to meet these evolving needs head-on, shifting their food sourcing and distribution to keep as much nutritious food flowing as possible statewide. Join me in supporting this work with a secure online donation to Oregon Food Bank.

Join me with a donation… because no one should be hungry.